Arabic Language Study

Arab-American Friendship Center (AAFC) has now opened its doors to Arabic Christian Ministries (ACM) which is now offering spoken Arabic classes in Dearborn, Michigan. In a special agreement with an established language school in Amman, Jordan, ACM is able to use their unique curriculum in Dearborn with one of their former teachers. The new Arabic classes meet in the facility of Arab-American Friendship Center and are offered in different intensity levels.

For those who want to learn intensive Arabic there are classes that meet Monday through Friday, three hours a day, and requires additional daily study outside the classroom. The course is two semesters of 4½ months; one semester is in the Fall and the other is in Winter/Spring. Intensive Arabic is also offered in a Summer semester of 6-weeks. The entire program can be completed in 2 years.

A basic introduction to spoken Arabic is offered Saturdays for three hours. It is designed for persons who want to be able to communicate on an informal level and involves less–out of class study.  Private tutoring in spoken Arabic is also offered at the Dearborn facility.

More information is available by request, by contacting us at arabicchristianministries or by calling 314 239-9959.